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Kind Dog-Hack: 5 Tips to Get Your Dog Prepared for Spring and Beyond

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It’s almost that time of year again…Spring! Ah, warmer weather, longer days and spending more quality time outdoors with your pup.

Before you grab the leash and head out for that hike, there are a few things you should do to prepare your four-legged partner in crime for your spring weather fun!



1. Bring your dog to the vet for an annual check-up

 Prepping your dog for the spring and summer ahead includes making sure they are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations. Talk to your vet about flea, tick and parasite prevention methods so your pet stays happy and healthy (it’s no fun when your pup isn’t feeling well!).



2. Ramp-up the exercise SLOWLY

Like most of us, we tend to gain a little weight during the winter months. The same goes for your dog. Before you head out for that epic 10 mile run, spend a few weeks acclimating both yourself and your dog to build up stamina. Start with shorter runs, long walks and casual hikes. Dogs can develop injuries just like us!



3. Take your dog the groomer

After the long winter, nothing feels better for your dog than freshening up at a doggie spa…or doing it yourself at home. A nice trim, shampoo, massage and coat brushing will have your dog looking and feeling it’s best as you both embark on your upcoming adventures!



4. Get a microchip

If you haven’t yet, DO IT. Your dog will be spending more time outside, which leads to possibly wandering off. We use HomeAgain. It’s super-easy and your dog will be permanently registered in its National Pet Recovery Database.



5. Update your dogs gear

That collar is looking a little shabby…and how about that leash? A well-dressed dog is a happy dog! If you and your dog are hikers, how about portable food and water bowls?

The warmer months are full of fun and laughter and your dog is just as excited about it as you are! Including them in your activities will provide everyone involved with enrichment, unconditional love and excitement. Just like with spring cleaning and getting a new haircut, helping your dog feel refreshed with the warm weather can have excellent benefits for their health and well being.



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